Keep out the Heritage wind the Bears fleecy lined jacket. 


Hood stitched in the collar to be used when needed.


Jackets have arrived slightly undersized so if you're normally a 2XL then order a 3XL otherwise you may enjoy the more figure-hugging version.


We have limited supplies so we will fill orders based on existing stock and let you know if we'll need to order yours in.


Wait times are approx 3 weeks if we need to order so get in early to keep out the coming cold.


We're selling these at our cost price so you're getting the best price we can afford!

Bears' Fleecy Lined Jacket

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  • Please select carefully, we believe in the right to refund however we are also a not for profit club so will not do so lightly.

  • Pickup of gear is on thursday nights at the clubhouse at Heritage Oval