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The best thing about club rugby is that there is something for everyone and to help widen the enjoyment of our great game and great club we require all players, parents, supporters, coaches, sponsors and visitors to adhere to our code of conduct listed below.

A gentle reminder that the code is mandatory for all.

This Code of Conduct is to be read in conjunction with Codes of Conduct issued by the IRB, ARU, QRU and Downs Rugby.


Commitments and Expectations


  • When you commit yourself to a team for the season, honour that commitment. Attend all training sessions and games each week for the whole of the season.

  • Be on time

  • If you are unable to attend training for any reason, you are to contact your Team Manager or Coach prior to the training session.

  • It is the Players responsibility to be fully aware of the scheduled training days, start times and location of game venues.

  • In the event of unavailability players should inform their Team Manager or Coach as soon as possible. The season draw is posted and you should be able to inform your coach now if you are not available for any games, particularly away games


  • Be a good sportsperson.  Do not hate the opponent, rather, love the game

  • Respect the game, its laws and the officials.

  • Respect opponents in language and actions

  • Learn to win with grace and lose with dignity. Be modest in success and appreciate your opponents’ performance, even when defeated.

  • Only the captains will speak to the referee.

  • At the conclusion of the game, the opponents should be thanked for the game as should the referee and officials who have made the game possible.


  • Encourage positive teamwork. A positive attitude makes a better team.

  • Support fellow players.

  • Play and train to the best of your ability.

  • Speak positively of and to your team mates, coaches and yourself.

  • Practice your skills on your own.

  • Teams thrive on respect and trust, trust your coach and your teammates, and behave in a way that earns their respect.

No one will

  • Use bad language

  • Disrespect themselves, officials, team mates or opposition players

  • Participate in unsportsmanlike behaviour

  • Display inappropriate comments on any social media with Public access


Note : - Other Codes of Conduct can be found at the Downs Rugby Web Site -


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