All Junior and Teenage players U5-U18, Senior Womens 7’s, and Men’s Senior Grades

All Bears Rugby Registrations are completed through the Rugby Xplorer App.

REGISTER to play through the Rugby Xplorer App before taking the field


  • ALL registrations are done through the Rugby Xplorer App.  Go to either apple store or google play and download or update.

  • All participants can then sign up/login and activate your Rugby Account to allow registrations.

  • Rugby Xplorer sign up/login is also accessible via the web at


Once you Download or upgrade the App, or access via the web

  • Sign-Up/Login using your email

  • Click on Email me my magic link

  • Reset Password.

  • Login and click “Register” in the left hand side menu


When Registering

  • All Senior Women 7’s and Men’s Senior Grade Players must select Toowoomba Bears Rugby Club Inc (Seniors) when searching for their Club

  • Women Players Select “Women’s 7’s” and Men’s Senior Grade players select “Senior XV Men’s QLDC”

  • All Juniors and Teenage from Age 5 – 18 select Toowoomba Bears Rugby Club Inc (Juniors) when selecting their club then the appropriate age group

  • All coaches, managers and match officials will also need to register. There is no cost involved.

  • MRP will be set up at a later time as the season approaches




The Rugby Xplorer customer service team is available Monday–Friday 9am-9pm and Saturday 9am-3pm (Sydney time).

Rugby Xplorer customer service team can be contacted on:


P: 02 8005 5600 or contact your Bears official eg. Senior, Teenage or Junior Vice President etc

Registration Fees


What your fees cover

Bears Rugby has endeavoured to keep fees at a minimum and have one of the lowest fee schedules in the Downs Competition.


For those that pay for the full season, your fees give you:

  • a pair of socks

  • shorts

  • training shirt 


All other Bears gear will need to be purchased.

In the Senior competition a weekly fee of approximately $30 per week can be paid particularly if you cannot play on a regular basis. However our preferred option of payment is for the full amount up front and in the long run you end up you pay less. ***SOCKS, SHORTS AND TRAINING SHIRT MUST BE PURCHASED SEPARATELY BY THOSE PAYING WEEKLY FEES***

Fees also cover payments of affiliation to ARU, QRU and Downs Rugby as well as insurance all of which are significant costs. As a club we do not make any profit from these fees and in fact subsidise most grades.


Note: - Family Discounts and Vouchers are available in Junior grades – check with your coach or Junior/Teenage committees


Registration Fee Refund Policy

There is strictly a NO REFUND policy if a player’s season is cut short for whatever reason. 


This question was raised by Clubs to the officials at the ARU/QRU and it was clearly stated by them, that they will not refund any money to clubs or individuals.


We are acutely aware that this is a change from past practices, however rugby clubs are no longer in a position to refund fees.

If this does occur however the player or parents can approach Bears Management for consideration.


Payment Options


All registration payments must be paid using Rugby Xplorer


Different payment options

  • Credit/Debit Card – Visa or Mastercards can be used to settle all fees. Please note, these need to be Australian issued credit/debit cards. Overseas cards are not accepted.

  • Zip Pay – will settle ALL up registrations fees (insurance, member union, association and club fees). The individual participant will create a relationship with Zip Pay to decide when and how they will split their payments, ie. player can pay in instalments. Individuals are required to be an Australian citizen/ resident to be able to apply for Zip Pay. 




Senior Fees – 2020 (Season)

  • 7’S Women - $200

  • Senior Mens XV QLDC - $270

  • Weekly Fee – Senior Men and Womens -$30

Teenage Fees - 2020

  • All teenagers - $200

Junior Fees - 2020

  • TBC