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President's call out to Bear's Old Boys network

With the 2019 Rugby season ready to start for the Bears next weekend the club is calling out old boys support. How can you help?

  • Players - If you still have the inclination and can still walk we would love to have you support our C Grade team this year with numbers. Attached draw shows our Home and Away games. Extra numbers would take a lot of pressure off our A Grade squad. C Grade is only 30 mins each half with no time off for injuries and no Front Row required. You also can have up to 12 interchanges. We seriously need help here.

  • Away games – these are always a problem with numbers and if you can in particular also support here that would be great. Also need help with Bus Driver on these days

  • Home games jobs – setting up field, working in canteen, clean up after the game etc. If we can get enough helpers you would not be required all the time – a roster system can be set up

  • Old Boys Day – looks like this will be 11th May now that the draw is finalised. We will play Condamine and Chinchilla on this day as well as Womens 7’s games. Your helping in getting the message out there to past players is needed and if you wish to help on the day or be on organising committee contact either Mick Collins or Matt Hayes. The day will run similar to last year for those that were there and we will auction off commemorative Jerseys after the game.

Contacts – Mick Collins (Seniors Vice President) – - ph 0428088614

Charlie Martin (President) – - ph 0420626932

Updated draw for A Grade and C Grade – Home and Away games - is below:

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