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Senior Training starts this tuesday 28th Jan

This tuesday night from 6pm senior training commences for the 2020 season

It's the 1st official training run of the season and all interested players should attend

Going forward all training is held on tuesday and thursday nights at Heritage Oval from 6pm.

Changes to training locations due to conflicting events at the oval or to wet weather will be notified through the website, facebook or messenger.

Head coach Ash Mann is a hard but sometimes fair man

Head Coach Ash Mann believes the 2020 season is shaping up well with key players signing up to play and lead the charge to claiming the Risdon Cup

A bbq and drinks are on offer and all players and supporters are encouraged to attend to get a great start to a successful 2020 season

A season calender is available here and a reminder that all registrations must be completed before season commencment via the Rugby Explorer App which can be found here if you don't have it yet.

Make sure to join the fb messenger groups by asking other players at training and Like the Bears' facebook page.

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